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Batsaykhan is the rebirth of the first project to ever release on Favela Discos, only a few hours after the label’s blogspot was put online back in 2013. Formerly known as Batsaykhantuul, Batsaykhan is not only one of Nuno Oliveira’s alter-egos but also some-thing between a science fiction character and an ancestral spirit doomed to wander the earth in an apparently human physical manifestation.The first album, Maestro Ir Noras, is a small and simple collection of tracks featuring only guitars and other stringed instruments, the second, being even smaller (only a single track) already seemed to lead us on through the psychedelic desert that would define the sound of the project.After a long hiatus, Batsaykhan finally emerged from the drawer, or maybe it was from the desert, only to reveal that he had sha-pe-shifted, now taking the form of a trio. With the help of André Azevedo and Tito Silva, Nuno started working on old demos of unpublished compositions and adapting them to the

Favela Discos 62


Formát: 12" LP
Název: Batsaykhan - Midor
Label: Favela Discos
Země: UK
Styl: Electronic, Rock, Instrumental, Ambient
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A1 - Meteorologia

A2 - Midori

A3 - Tundra

A4 - Aurora

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