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Universal Vibrations is my most personal project to date. I came back from a month long trip to Brazil feeling very inspired during the start of lockdown and decided to experiment with some slower BPMs for the first time after producing dubstep for the last 15 years. This album is the result. One tune came flying out after the other during a crazily productive 2 month period. I was so happy with the beats I thought I'd get some of my favourite MCs on board so spent the next 8 months organizing and mixing down the vocal features. It all happened very naturally and very quickly, it was just waiting to pop out! To say I'm proud of this album is an understatement. 2 years in the making, I can't wait for you all to hear it! Love Chad _3

Deep Medi Musik LP 17

Bozanna Evans, Chad Dubz, D-Los, Killa P, Logan, Magugu, Riko Dan, Warrior Queen

Formát: 2X12"
Název: Universal Vibrations
Label: Deep Medi Musik
Země: UK
Styl: Dubstep
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A1 - Universal Vibration - ft Bozanna Evans & Warrior Queen

A2 - Babylon Fuckry - ft D-Los & Logan

B1 - In The Red - ft Riko Dan

B2 - Forever

C1 - Broken N Busted - ft Warrior Queen

C2 - Flatline - ft Killa P

D1 - Wall Of Sound - ft Magugu

D2 - Love Is Everything