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Rushing out advanced patterns that springboard from hi-tek soul, jungle, footwork and weightless grime into unknown zones, J-Shadow arrives on Sneaker Social Club with an album which cements his status as a true sonic scientist.Since his first drops some five years prior, the London-based DJ/producer has weaved a web of intrigue across labels like Bun The Grid, Nous Disques, Warehouse Rave and an album last year for Keysound. Through it all, he’s demonstrated a prodigal affinity for the elements of hardcore -rooted soundsystem culture without ever being beholden by the perceived rules of dance music. In his hands, tracks can hover in suspense without ever needing a breakdown or build-up, pivoting on skittering drum machine pulses or teetering on the precipice of mountainous subs, gliding on celestial pads or skating into abyssal negative space. The acknowledgement for past methods is there in some of the canonical samples - like where Heather O’Rourke’s Poltergeistcall takes on a

Sneaker Social Club LP 10


Formát: 2X12" LP
Název: The End Of All Physical Form
Label: Sneaker Social Club
Země: UK
Styl: Bass, Electronic, Techno
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A1 - Thaw

A2 - Euxinia

B1 - Arsu

B2 - Cloud Chamber

B3 - Beneath The Undertow

C1 - Non-Euclidean Fantasy

C2 - Prototype

D1 - The End Of All Physical Form

D2 - Tundra

D3 - No Gravity