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Destroy Oh Boy are excited to release a remix EP marking a decade since the final album from post-rock stalwarts 52 Commercial Road, A Wreck Provides An Excellent Foundation. Formed in 2003, 52 Commercial Road developed a unique interpretation of post-rock, fusing electronics, strings and vocals to combine into something far beyond the standard loud-quiet structures of the genre. Keen activists, the band focused their attention on the reclamation of disused spaces, from the venues they played to their very name, taken from a squat the founding members shared together aged 17.The ties between Destroy Oh Boy and 52 Commercial Road run deep, so it's only fitting that some of the label's all time favourite artists have been pulled in on remix duty. The foreboding and cinematic work of drum and bass hero Christoph De Babylon made him a natural choice to rework the source material, and the resulting product is a punchy and distorted interpretation that punctuates the spacious reverb with

Destroy Oh Boy 06

52 Commercial Road, Christoph De Babalon, Dr Colossus, Drumcorps, Enduser

Formát: 12" SPLATERED
Název: 52 Commercial Road Remix
Label: Destroy Oh Boy
Země: US
Styl: Breackore, Drum & Bass, Drill, Rock n'bass
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A1 - Leonard Talks To His Rifle (Enduser Remix)

A2 - Tape (Drumcorps Remix)

B1 - Kadmar (Dr. Colossus Remix)

B2 -Leonard Talks To His Rifle (Christoph De Babalon Remix)