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Massive Double album bringing Drum & Bassy songs... and Killerz Drum & bass Nu skool tunes... One of the most creative EXIT records... remaining in a perfect full dancefloor style. There would be mutch to say about this pear l... but still the best is to listen it. DO IT !


Bahia, Boudah, Disco Puppet, DRS, Essarai, Eva Lazarus, Harleigh Blu, Mstrj, Nasrawi, Zed Bias

Formát: 2X12"+CD
Název: Different Response LP
Label: Exit Records
Země: UK
Kategorie: DRUM & BASS
Styl: Nu Drum, Nu Jungle, Songs, Nu Liquid
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Give Up The Ghost ft. Disco Puppet & Nasrawi

In The Room ft. Harleigh Blu

Restless ft. Eva Lazarus

Don't Play

Something Wrong ft. Nasrawi & Essarai

Lost Souls ft. DRS

Pick Up The Pieces ft. Boudah

Energy High ft. Bahia

Just Like Ohm

He Loves Me ft. Harleigh Blu

Dissecting Frequencies

The Medicine Man ft. DRS

Jibba Jabba

Coral Mist ft. Mstrj

Heading North