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The long awaited return of Mefjus to Critical is here with his brand new single featuring two tracks that are bound to shake those underground sonic sound systems for the foreseeable.‘Hear Me’ not only provides us with a build up we’ve all been itching for, but delivers us with an impactful drop of accuracy and precision combined with an unblemished and emotive sound that hits like no other. Mefjus is known for vandalising dance floors and making an impact, and we’re confident to say this track does exactly that.On the flip side ‘Without Them’ is bound to elevate the dance floor tempo before bringing in a bassline that’ll make you question everything. Mefjus demonstrates once again why he is one of the best in the game.

Critical 179


Formát: 12"
Název: Untitled
Label: Critical
Země: UK
Kategorie: DRUM & BASS
Styl: Drum N Bass
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A - Hear Me

B - Without Them