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"Compilation albums have a special place in my heart and to mark our birthday year I really wanted to release a project that was distinctive and exciting. An album that showcases the diversity of the label, the talents of the many artists we work with and ties together the many threads and themes the producers explore. The 22 exclusive tracks are a perfect snapshot of the sound that Critical is wanting to be at the forefront of. Underground drum and bass in many different forms but always with a cutting edge. The physical album is a strictly limited edition 6 piece vinyl box set with artwork designed by Steiner Grafik. The box itself is beautiful with silver ink printed on both the inside and outer shell, the records are pressed on 140gsm virgin vinyl and the 6th plate has a special etching to commemorate the birthday. It feels good to look back and be proud but the future is even more exciting and I hope you get a view of that through this album the amazing music it contains." - Kasra

Critical LP XX

Able, Buunshin, Calibre, Cauzer, Coco Bryce, Emz, Enei, Envy, Fade Black, Foreign Concept, gyrofield, Halogenix, Hyroglifics, III, Ivy Lab, Jakes, Kasra, Klinical, Levela, Mefjus, Particle, QZA, Sam Binga, Ti, Waeys

Formát: 6X12" BOX LP
Název: 20 Years Of Underground Sonics
Label: Critical
Země: NL
Kategorie: DRUM & BASS
Styl: Drum And Bass
Váha: 1.30 kg

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A1 - Buunshin - Forget About Me

A2 - Hyroglifics - Iridescent Fog

B1 - Particle - That HZ

B2 - Waeys - Two Note Wonder

C1 - Calibre - Versat

C2 - Envy - Over You

D1 - Kasra - Elastic

D2 - gyrofield - 24rd

E1 - Halogenix - IDGAF

E2 - TI - Outboard

F1 - Coco Bryce - Kick Back

F2 - Able - Still There

G1 - Enei - Omega - ft Jakes

G2 - Cauzer - The Depths

H1 - Emz & Sam Binga - Don't Stress

H2 - Klinical - Dust Talks

I1 - Ivy Lab - Domo

I2 - Levela - Quasar

J1 - Fade Black - Barbed

J2 - Foreign Concept - China Plate

K1 - Mefjus - Disclosed

K2 - QZB - Half Awake - ft III