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For the past few years we’ve been mesmerized by Elijah Minnelli’s output on his own Breadminster County Council label… a handful of hand-crafted 7”s that live at the foggy intersection of dub, outsider folk, and various strands of Eastern European and South/Central American musics. It now seems inevitable that he would join the ZamZam family.Firmly rooted in dub through its mammoth bassline, ‘Gradually’ is a shaggy, unhurried tune framed by melancholy, almost grieving squeezebox and gorgeous ensemble percussion that reverently recalls early cumbias. The tune is unique for Elijah in that it features fully-sung vocals. Themes of loss, despair, tragedy and coping circle and loop, ironically held in a musical matrix that spirals in deliberate repetion.In ‘Gradually Verzion’ the introduction of a minimal melody and long echo trails signal a dramatic shift, going full dubwise steppers without compromising its warm center. Elijah holds back the wheezy melodics, deftly forwarding th

ZamZam 93

Elijah Minnelli

Formát: 7"
Název: Gradually
Label: Zamzam
Země: US
Kategorie: DUB / Ragga
Styl: Dub, electro dub
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A - Gradually

B - Gradually Verzion