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This VA features the following artists : Honexters with a somewhat experimental electro. See Diodes with his usual forcefulness, sharpening melodies. Carlos Sicrock, electro spatial and melodic. Korrupted Brothers north bass timeless, rebuilding Dark Vektor's Computah Life theme. Kinetic Gravity with its almost mystical electro and Robert Cosmic on the more dancefloor side of pure electro, the tracksuit hit that we will all sing this summer.

Gente Seria Viste Chandal 02

Carlos Sicrock, Gravedad Cinetica, Honexters, Korrupted Brothers, Robert Cosmic, Vema Diodes

Formát: 12"
Název: Gente Seria Viste Chandal 02
Label: Gente Seria Viste Chandal
Země: SP
Styl: Electro
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A1 - Honexters - Red Neon Lights

A2 - Vema Diodes - Time Traveller

A3 - Carlos Sicrock - R65

B1 - Korrupted Brothers - Computah Life (Rework)

B2 - Gravedad Cinetica - Obey

B3 - Robert Cosmic - Siempre Chandal