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TRIPLE VINYL !Pure Tribe. Big Up ! Masterpiece ! Musicians are offering here a shoot of pure techno tribe moments, best skillz and best tunes since a while for a good pack of them... uncomprimising Techno Tribe familly !This double comes with a poster and stickers !

Tek No Logique 23 (2x12" + stickers + poster)

Adam Vandal, Arobass, Asphalt Pirate, FKY, Format C, Gotek, Melly

Formát: 3X12"
Název: TNL23
Label: Tek No Logique
Země: FR
Styl: Tribe
Váha: 0.24 kg

751 Kč

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A1 Adam Vandal - Tangle

A2 Format C - One Two Three

B FKy - Jungle In Da Wood

C1 FKY - Smoke This One

C2 Gotek - Pressure Release

D Melly - Sniffing The Evidence

E1 Arobass - Out Of My Way

E2 Asphalt Pirate - Maia Manon 23

F Gotek - Mi Sensi