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Marbeled EditionLoads of legends are running about this EP... Including one : The name. Censored EP was sensored by MPO because of the Labels image showing a big Ass enlargement... MPO refused the label saying this was unconvenient and Capsule had to re-designe it. And the name come from that !

Capsule Core 02 MRBLD

Dob Erman, Hutch, HYDROPHAZER, Krapulaxx, Paul Tergeist

Formát: 12" MRBLD
Název: The Sensored EP
Label: Capsule Corp
Země: FR
Styl: Freecore, Tribecore
Váha: 0.24 kg

245 Kč

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A1:by Empatysm & Krapulaxx & Dob Erman

A2:by Empatysm

B1:by Dob Erman

B2:byHydrophazer & Hutch & Paul Tergeist