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The Scottish godfather of emocore returns to Genosha with his very first album. We know what to expect from Fracture 4. No happy clappers here; it's all slow doom and gloom. This impressive album truly covers the entire spectrum of hardcore: from morose to sullen, from melancholy to downright downtrodden. Excellent for lonely home listening or to shuffling around to at a warehouse rager. The album is available in digital format, as a CD and this album sampler features four non-random selections from the album. Guaranteed to turn that smile upside down!

Genosha 30

Fracture 4

Formát: 12", PURPLE
Název: Nothing Will Stay
Label: Genosha
Země: NL
Kategorie: HARDCORE
Styl: Hardcore
Váha: 0.24 kg

409 Kč

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A1 - Everything

A2 - Falling Apart

B1 - Trying to Forget

B2 - She Walks in Beauty Like the Night