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DOUBLE LP Printed Sleeves - LIMITED 200 copiesOne live set on 2 Eps ! Last year this live-set was played at the Paris Tecknival in May 2016... A bloody surprise far far far from the usual Teknival style people normaly expect. This live set is recorded in 4 parts A side is the first part, and C side is the second part... so you can mix themall together.Tracks from Audioflow and some from Platane as well. all mixed live by Audioflow.

130 Limited Live 01

Audioflow, Platane

Formát: 2XLP
Název: Teknival Live
Label: 130 Limited
Země: FR
Styl: Tekhouse, Techno, Electro Techno
Váha: 0.48 kg

686 Kč

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A1 - Teknival Live Part 1 - 15Min07

B1 - Teknival Live Part 3 - 14Min30

C1 - Teknival Live Part 2 - 16Min01

D1 - Teknival Live Part 4 - 13MIN57