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This is the 2019 reunification of the Spiral tribe Full familly connexion : graphist, concept and music...Printed sleeve. Visuals by the original SP23 crew.This Album is not just an album it also keeps asking the question of "what is underground". And, meanwhile it's asking the question of "is spiral tribe still udnerground". Dangerous question, and therefor, very interesting... Of course some will say yes thanks to their way of life, their message and their way to behave as a teazm, and more... Some will say "no because they don't like their music anymore, or because they palyed "there and there", or even because they are jealous, ^^At least some just don't give a fuck about "if" or "if not", they just like or do not like that tune or this one... these are probably the true underground public !Anyway the good thing is not to know, the good thing is jus tthat question... What is Underground. Mark Angelo Harrison brings here a little text about that, a clue, his

Spiral Tribe - Fugitive Future

69DB, Charlie Kane, Crystal Distortion, Feenix13, Gavitron, Ixindamix, Jeff23, Mark Angelo Harrison, Spiral Tribe

Formát: 2X12"
Název: Fugitive Future
Label: Spiral Tribe
Země: DE
Styl: Techno, Hardtek, Old school, Tribe
Váha: 0.50 kg

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A1 - 69DB - Damn Money

A2 - 69db - Damn Money (Charlie Kane mix)

B1 - Ceasless Flight - Crystal Distortion

B2 - Computerela - Crystal Distortion

C1 - RingAdingBamBam - Ixindamix

C2 - Theres ya Rave! - Ixindamix

D1 - H2O - Jeff 23, Gravitron - Crystal Distortion Mix

D2 - I like festivals - 69db