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Berlin Invasion breaks the code again, with again a brilliant techno exploration from Kony Polny to open the dance... Tribal shaking nostalik techno song... defenilty a creative and exciting tune ! THE one on this EP for all music lovers ? The second track will bring you a sweet techno mental acid sensation... mindtravelling and wicked at all moments of it... Sweet Brian Eno kiker style maybe ? The Flip is more about dancefloor tracks... With DAVE the drummer and Patrick DSP callab first and Sonico and his acid oldschool track... Totally exciting ! BIG !

Berlin Invasion 04

Dave The Drummer, Groove Daniel, konik Polny, Munsha Touch, Patrick DSP, Sonico

Formát: 12"
Název: Antenna
Label: Berlin Invasion
Země: DE
Styl: Techno, Acid, Mental techno, Acidcore
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A1 - Konik Polny ft Munsha touch - NEPTUNE

AG - Groove Daniel - NEPTUNE - kill your tv mix

B1 - DAVE The Drummer & Patrick DSP - Dark Corners

B2 - Sonico - Dance or Die -NEPTUNE