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RRR018 – Yu Ikemoto - ‘Violations’ (Limited As Fuck vinyl 12” of 100 copies)This is the 18th release on  RIOT Radio Records, an independent techno label based in Scotland.Yu Ikemoto is an extremely talented techno producer and DJ from Tokyo, Japan whose sound is undeniably unmistakable. Strong, bold and in your face kicks infiltrate his music that literally pound down on you with such force it’s like battling Godzilla on steroids.This is the first in our ‘Limited As Fuck’ series of 12”s which sees Yu Ikemoto unveil his debut release that’s nothing less than an assault on ones senses. From the second it starts your speakers will cease to be mere devices that relay music but instantly become purveyors of such bouncing mayhem, anyone that plays it will have a hard time keeping them attached to their stands, the kicks and sub-bass are off the charts on this one.With four original tracks and a devastating remix by Dep Affect this is one thumpin’ as fuck release you won’t wan

RIOT Radio Records 18 LTD

Yu Ikemoto

Formát: 12"
Název: Violations
Label: RIOT Radio Records
Země: UK
Styl: Industrial Hard Techno, Hardtek
Váha: 0.24 kg

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1. Yu Ikemoto - Saturated

2. Yu Ikemoto - Break Your System

3. Yu Ikemoto - Weird

4. Yu Ikemoto - Let's Rock

5. Yu Ikemoto - Saturated (Dep Affect's 'Devil In The Dark' Remix)