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This is the 19th release on  RIOT Radio Records, an independent techno label based in Scotland.Melbourne based Travis Evans aka Dep Affect is one heavy hitting techno legend who commands absolute respect. Avoiding the cheesy and obvious at all costs, Dep Affect’s original and intriguing sounds relentlessly overwhelm and punish dance floors to within an inch of their lives.Continuing with our ‘Limited As Fuck’ series of 12”s, Dep Affect brings his infernal racket to our label with his own full on release after we’d hired his devilishly twisted services for remix duties on ‘Violations’ by Yu Ikemoto.There’s five annihilating tracks on this beast starting with an acid monster that’ll rip you to pieces before continuing to send you even more out of your mind as the release cycles you through a torrent of emotions. To say this release is clobbering is an understatement. Track after track thrashes you to within a fraction of deranged insanity. But don’t blame us, you’ve been pre

RIOT Radio Records 19 LTD

Dep Affect

Formát: 12"
Název: Demented
Label: RIOT Radio Records
Země: UK
Styl: Industrial Hard Techno, Hardcore, Doom, Rave
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A1. Dep Affect - Soul Scanner

A2. Dep Affect - Cycling Rapidly

B1. Dep Affect - Next Door To Nothing

B2. Dep Affect - Not Here Anymore (Edit)

B3. Dep Affect - Mask Your Despair