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Involve Records celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new series of VA's combining young upcoming artists and iconic legends of the 2000's Techno scene - the long awaited VA's are finally back after In Love With Involve came out five years ago to celebrate the 5th anniversary with artists such as FJAAK, Bambounou and Cosmin TRG.Opening up the VA is Dave Black, with a fast, vibrant and groovy stomper whose trippy vocal pulls everyone to the dancefloor, inviting you, him and her to rave. Bipolar Disorder honcho Chlär follows with the same groovy energy and a hallucinatory melody, reaching a state of contagious ecstasy. Darker vibes come with Soma regular Roll Dann, an evil Techno cut with a pitched elephant sound creeping its way into the listeners' brains and melting them. Closing the VA is legend Maxx Rossi with a straight-forward techno belter on which male and female vocals alternate - the message is clear: clubbing 24/7 is a duty.

Involve 37

Chlär, Dave Black, Maxx Rossi, Roll Dann

Formát: 12"
Název: Nightclub Pros Vol 1
Label: Involve
Země: BE
Styl: Techno
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A1 - Dave Black - Hedonism

A2 - Chlär - Invoking Spirit

B1 - Roll Dann - Norwellian

B2 - Maxx Rossi - Twenty-Four-Seven