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ARTS is proud to presents the second full length from one of the mainstays of the label. [KRTM] is again free to express his art in the purest form, after "It Will Make The World A Better Place" the Artist found again inspiration to keep working on a second one with a unique flow... for us, "NARCFEST" is pure inspiration and we hope this has an impact on you as it did on us.

Artscore LP 05


Formát: 2X12" LP
Název: Narcfest
Label: Arts
Země: IT
Styl: Techno
Váha: 0.48 kg

676 Kč

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A1 - I'm Just Cupid

A2 - Bait

A3 - Empty Your Vessels And Descend

A4 - Apex Celebration

A5 - Facepie

A6 - Singing Policeman Begging For Eternal Existence

B1 - Short And Joy 1

B2 - Joyboy

B3 - Playdead 1

B4 - Tainted Smile

B5 - Short And Joy 2

B6 - Inflated Self

B7 - Alienation Part 1

B8 - I Had To Laugh So Hard The Gun Fell Out My Mouth

B9 - Follow The Rainbow

C1 - Playdead 2

C2 - I Am The Light Of Your Prison

C3 - Solace And Unity

C4 - Alienation Part 2

C5 - Ghost Arcadia

C6 - Plain Staring

C7 - Constipated Monomania

D1 - Entertainment Frenzy

D2 - Supereminent Drift

D3 - Confort Permit

D4 - Instant Remedy

D5 - To Revive Under A Sunless Roof