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ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMMER ! Surprise ! First track bring a Hardtek 143 BPM Hardcore tune... and then comes a Hardcore percussive superb tune... And then brings an Oldschool gabba starting Breakbeat... And then bring a dancefloor 186 BPM kicker. Excellent tunes outserved by a bizarre recorded sound... We recieved these record as FREE to « promote » their sound system/artists and oraganization. So of course Toolbox play the game : We offer you that record for free if you like it.

TraumVabrik 01*

Fersl, Inox, Root Controller

Formát: 12"GREEN
Název: TraumVabrik SoundSystem
Label: TraumVabrik
Země: AU
Styl: Hardcore old school, Tribe, Raggatek
Váha: 0.24 kg

Upozornění: poslední kus skladem!

199 Kč

(doba dodání pro ČR 1-3 prac. dní, mimo ČR 3-7 prac.dní)

Inox - In Da City Jungle

Fersl - Follow The Fish

Inox - The Selecta

Inox - Hillybillyboy ft. Root Controller