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Crom and ticheur delivers an acid mental A-side with 2 tunes, very R-Zac style, wild dry galop. The Flip with jaquarius and Crom is more singing... Spiraling as well, but with that little Jaquarius Acid way of disturbance, melodious and non-stop changing... Crazy record, one of the ebst on l'Hypnotik records ! Don't miss !

Hypnotik 16

Crom, Jaquarius, Ticheur

Formát: 12"
Název: Burdigala Cenolab
Label: Hypnotik
Země: FR
Kategorie: TRIBE
Styl: Mental Acid, Acid Pumpin
Váha: 0.24 kg

297 Kč

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A1 - CRom Vs Ticheur- Dans Le Boxon 1

A2 - CRom Vs Ticheur- Dans Le Boxon 2

B1 - CRom Vs Jaquarius - Echodalie 1

B2 - CRom Vs Jaquarius - Echodalie 2