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Opening with a drumstep acidcore track, drustrated 4/4 of a tribe kind... exploring new horizons, new evolutions...The A2 from Degrader is a 4/4 reward, quiet classic in it style, reminding the new generation of Solid dark Hardtek...Negative Glitch opens the flip with a breakcore frontier track, acid as well, hidding a tyrue broken (hard)tek experience.Last tune from Mr Gasmask is a minimal precise electro tune, threatening to turn Core but gently carressing the trance...A creative opus ! Witch is rare in the mental tribe world i recogn ! BIG UP é SUPPORT !

Tenebreuse Musique 1000

Axyom, Degrader, Mr Gasmask, Negative Glitch

Formát: 12"
Název: Imprégné De Noir
Label: Tenebreuse Musique
Země: FR
Styl: Acid Break, Doom Breaks, Dark Acid
Váha: 0.24 kg

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A1 - Axyom

A2 - Degrader

B1 - Negative Glitch

B2 - Mr Gasmask