Africa cumbia psychedelic

Hawaii Bonsai 04

Cumbia Cosmonauts, The Radio Africa Band

Name: Cumbia Africa
Label: Hawaii Bonsai
Format: LP
Country: CH
Style: AfroCumbia, Psychedelic Afrocumbia
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A1 - Cumbia Africa

A2 - Sintanizando

A3 - Big Up All People In The World

A4 - Voice of Peace

A5 Eje K'Ajo (lets dance)

A6 - Locoduro

A7 - We All Have Rhythm

A8 - West Africa

B1 - Destiny

B2 - Kora Dub

B3 - Animbara

B4 - History

B5 - Demolition Man

B6 - Radio Africa 2.0 Feat Galambo

B7 - Simaya