The return of the Breakcore vinyl ! An excellent production for all System Corrupt, early Addict records and other weird squatt parties lovaz... BIG UP !

Handicap 01

Doormouse, Handbag/Abba, Killjoy, Rektal Distortion, Roundop Ready, Stallio, Valav

Name: Act Like You Understand
Label: Handicap
Format: MLP
Country: FR
Style: Breakcore, Cut-ups
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Handicap 01 a1 : final eye of the european breakcore burnout

Handicap 01 A2 : ruffest gunark

Handicap 01 A3 : rookin the pop charts

Handicap 01 A4 : vanitas vanitatumi omnia vanitas

Handicap 01 B1 : muffmawk smack down

Handicap 01 B2 : over night celebrity

Handicap 01 B3 : xhailn