"Don’t be afraid, old son, it’s only me,though not as I’ve appeared before,on the battlements of your signature,or margin of a book you can’t throw out"~ Michael DonaghyWhytwo is a young, enigmatic artist from Scotland, UK. A talented multi-instrumentalist and performer with an extraordinarily broad range.First coming to Blu Mar Ten's attention after entering their 2017 remix competition, Whytwo created a wildly different take on their track 'Titans', bending it into a skittering, menacing groove while somehow maintaining a playful edge.Fast-forward a little and we've now arrived at Whytwo's debut LP, 'Ghost', an exhilarating and elasticated take on Drum & Bass that exists in the hinterland between elation, melancholy and longing.Mirroring Whytwo's music, the album's title, 'Ghost', is richly layered word, meaning, in different places and at different times; a memory of something or someone; to disappear without communication; to move quietly and quickly

Blu Mar Ten LP 16


Name: Ghost LP
Label: Blu Mar Ten
Format: 2X12" LP
Country: UK
Category: DRUM & BASS
Style: Drum And Bass
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A1 - Promises

A2 - Memories

A3 - Held Away

B1 - Regrets

B2 - Blooming

B3 - Left Out

C1 - Ghosts

C2 - Mosaic

C3 - Cyclical

D1 - Droplets

D2 - Slowly

D3 - Apart