Speedcore pityless little jewel... Total kicker nightmare with a first Alien very broken and style very very speed... can be understood at 220 … or 440 BPM. And it's not drilling one second... Bloody experience !! The second tune is more Calm, and chillin' : it's only 280 BPM ahahahah !! but yeah that's my fave tune here, with a bit of Flashcore in it and some good ambientiqh speeedcore experience... thinlace of sounds. Last tune is a 500 BPMer. Total industrial with big Noisy times... when kicks rises everything becomes clear again and fresh.. ;

Cathartic Noize Experience 08

JS Bach, Messias

Name: Omnivoid
Label: Cathartic Noize Experience
Format: 12"
Country: DE
Category: HARDCORE
Style: Speedcore, Speedbreakcore, Flashcore Noise
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