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No Pizza Rave 09

Alarma Ravers, Cenobit, Geoff Da Chef, Hardcore Parasite, KCMA & T-Plus, Killervibez, Lord Terror, NOT A DJ

Label: No Pizza Rave
Format: 12"
Country: IT
Category: HARDCORE
Style: Hardcore, Gabber, old School
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A1 - Cenobit - Saft2

A2 - Hardcore Parasite - Forces Of Darkness

A3 – Geoff Da Chef - Monkey Drummer

A4 – Lord Terror - Death Is A Gift

B1 – Killervibez - Studio Standard

B2 – KCMA ,& T-Plus - God Himself Killed His Own Motherfucking Son

B3 – Alarma Ravers - System Crash

B4 – Not A DJ - The Real Psycho