First opus (coming with the sleeve to insert opus 02 when it will come out later on this year)...Anniversary LP bringing Industrial Hardcore deviances and most experimental no-compromise sounds...Biig !! LTD 150.

Core-Tex Labs 23

Deadman, Duff, Kid Corrupt, Manifestevil, Maraki & Friends, Max1point, Nopsys, Rude Repeen, Terrorist Kriss, Yarrdesh

Name: Twenty Three -Anniversary Double Album Act 1
Label: CORE-TEX Labs
Format: LP
Country: FR
Style: Speedcore, Breakcore, Industrial, Flashcore
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A1 - DeadMan vs Duff - Pentagon Oyabun

A2 - Rude Repeen - V Kruge Pyatom

A3 - Nopsys - Fear Translator

A4 - Yarrdesh - Staaat 669

B1 - Max1point - Stone Age

B2 - Maraki & Friends - Ud2vv

B3 - Kid Corrupt - Death

B4 - Terrorist Kriss - Werg

B5 - Manifestevil - Cycle Of Violence