His debut EP on Amen Brother and for this release, he went for a different approach to our usual kind of release. This EP has been created to sound like recording of a rave from the early 90’s. Back in the day, tape packs and bootleg cassettes were common place, where raves from all over the country could be enjoyed at home, especially by those of us who were too young to attend. They were like currency, traded with mates at school or sent to friends in other parts of the country by post.Tony Justice kicks you off at the start of the rave, interlinking all the tracks by extracts of various raves so the release runs smoothly (for the digital we chopped the EP into 4). You are then asked to leave… but quietly. And don’t go looking for any free parties in Bournemouth!

Amen Brother VFS 20


Name: The Rave Tapes EP
Label: Amen Brother
Format: 12"
Country: UK
Style: Hardcore UK, Jungle
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A1 - Rave Tapes Part One

A2 - Rave Tapes Part Two

B1 - Rave Tapes Part Three

B2 - Rave Tapes Part Four