We are incredibly excited about Arkyn. 26 years of age, and making some of the most authentic music to 1993 we’ve heard in a long time.This release is the 1st in a 4 part series capturing the past, present and future of “Hardcore, Jungle, Breakbeat Rave Music”. In which we have commissioned a piece of artwork from the amazing Jelly Artist for all 4 parts of the series. Which when you buy all 4 parts, the 4 sleeves combined reveal the full artwork in all its glory. We can’t wait for you to see it.Part 1 in the series is this firing release from Arkyn. Part 2 is a triple pack Bang The Future album entitled “Body Slam”. Billy Daniel Bunter & Rob Vanden have been back in the studio making new music for the project, as well as featuring lots of the sort after dub plates that were never released in the 90’s. Part 3 is a quadruple history of DJ Vibes album featuring 16 of Vibes most sort after cuts from 93 / 94 & 95. The album is aptly titled “Music’s So Wonderful”. The 4th and final

Music Mondays 01


Name: Speed = Hardcore EP
Label: Music Mondays
Format: 12"
Country: UK
Style: Jungle, UK Hardcore
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A1 - Speed = Hardcore

A2 - My Mind

B1 - Captive

B2 - No Right