Hot on the heels of dropping a double LP's worth of downtempo shenanigans for Fresh 86, Coco Bryce serves up another full length album, this time for his own Myor imprint.Computer Love sees the bpm's being turned up a notch again, mainly operating within the 160 realm, whilst taking the occasional side street into UKG and breakbeat house.Although the jungle and D&B vibes are still clearly present on tunes such as House Music and the previously released singles Night Safari and Trust Issues, Coco opts for slightly more off-kilter and genre-defying drum programming on the album's title track and the pleasantly subdued Eye New.All in all the rhythmic, and stylistic, diversity on display here makes for an album equally suited for dancefloors and home listening alike.

Myor 23

Coco Bryce

Name: Computer Love
Label: Myor
Format: 2X12" LP
Country: NL
Style: Jungle, Drum And Bass
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A1 - Your Touch

A2 - House Music

B1 - Night Safari

B2 - Computer Love

C1 - Visibility Cloak

C2 - Velvet Underground

C3 - Eye New

D1 - Fine Feline

D2 - Trust Issues