Welcome to NOPE23. Created by Jaguar Skills. Born from his love of underground Hip-Hop, Funk and Soul, ‘The Savage Planet’ by Jaguar Skills is his label’s first broadcast.Utilising a band of experienced musicians to create the project, ‘The Savage Planet’ is 8 tracks, 23 minutes and 23 seconds of experimental Hip-Hop Funk, interwoven with official adverts and soundbites direct from the NOPE23 vault.Featuring the vocal skills of rapper Crimeapple (Soul Assassins), New York MC Johnny Storm, guitar legend Simon Katz (Jamiroquai/ Gorillaz), renowned bass player Zoltan (Erka Badu), flautist Rowen Harwood, alongside the beat alchemist himself; Jaguar Skills.‘The Savage Planet’ confirms once again, that Jaguar Skills is not of planet Earth.Stay tuned for more fly sh*t.NOPE23. For freaks and pencil necked geeks.

Nope 23 01

Jaguar Skills

Name: The Savage Planet
Label: Nope 23
Format: 12"
Country: UK
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Hard Funk
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A1 - N23 : The Savage Planet Theme

A2 - The Theme From Space Patrol

A3 - 23 Great Fake Alien Moments

A4 - Mr Dudikoff's Announcement

B1 - A Day Late And A Dollar Short

B2 - There's Six Ways 2 Kill A Louce

B3 - Shinobi The Way of The Cobra

B4 - Mr Myagi The Vampire Hunter