For this new album “Paragraphs and Principles”, Officer! is Mick Hobbs, Felix Fiedorowicz and Bill Gilonis alongside a stunning line-up of 30 performers from 8 countries. No one knows quite how this project came about – it’s almost an international conspiracy, and certainly a closely guarded secret. We hope only that upon their unleashing, these fierce new sounds may be heard by as many ears as possible.

Jelodanti 21


Name: Paragraphs And Principles
Label: Jelodanti
Format: 2X12" LP
Country: FR
Style: Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Experimental
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A1 - Three Rules and Eight Points

A2 - Two Paragraphs

A3 - The Song of Ruthless Criticism

A4 - The Song About Navigation

A5 - The Croppy Boy

B1 - Moscow Nights

B2 - Make the Past Serve the Present

B3 - Winter Potato #3

B4 - The Telephone Song

B5 - The East Is Red

C1 - Fish And Ships

C2 - Albania, My Dear Comrade And Brother

C3 - Unintended Music For Ensemble

C4 - Red Flag Prelude