Take a trip down memory lane and relive the early 90's with Bonzai's second foray into the compilation arena - Extreme Chapter. Originally released on CD only in 1993, the sound of the underground rose up to the masses, showcasing a plethora of top tracks and a rising talent pool within the Belgian electronic music scene.

Bonzai Classics 2021030 - 1 Per custommer

Aqua Contact, B.W.P. Experiments, Bam Bam, Belgica Wave, Dream Your Dream, Dreamland, Joyrider, Traxcalibur, X-Change, Yves Deruyter

Name: Bonzai Compilation II - Extreme Chapter
Label: Bonzai Classics
Format: 2X12" LP
Country: BE
Style: Techno, Rave, Early Trance
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A1 - Traxcalibur - The Dreamer

A2 - Belgica Wave - The Wave

A3 - Joyrider - The Deadline

B1 - Aqua Contact - La Sirena

B2 - Belgica Wave - I'll Be Your Guest

B3 - Bam Bam - La Casa

C1 - Dreamland - Excalibur

C2 - Dream Your Dream - Galileo's Trip

C3 - X-Change - The Indians

D1 - Yves Deruyter - Rave City

D2 - Dreamland - Mind Penetration

D3 - B.W.P. Experiments - Fell The House Of E.