Red 12" versionNew sounds from the gaullic underground on Violent Cases’ latest release, the first one since many moons. Two long tracks born out of myths and mist to take you on a mental journey. Side A’s „Chaos Theory“ sets off at 145 bpm. Synth layers and strings over deep bass create the atmosphere. Drama. Then a brilliant incorporation of a classic guitar solo in mid track. Unique. Side B „Pagan Blade“ is a joint venture with Ciklo and ups the tempo to 160 bpm. Rolling and riding it’s pushing the dance floor while the pagan assassin whispers the rhythm.You can tell the artists have honed their skills playing live, these tracks will unfold their full potential and deepness on a proper system. Verdur-e means green but this platter comes in RED Marbeled color :)Stunning full sleeve artwork by Darkam. Graphically edited and arranged by TDSIGNZ. Mastered by Stefan ZMK in the low countries. Each copy includes an artwork poster, artwork sticker and digital download link.

Violent Cases 31 Red

Ciklo, Verdure

Name: Natus Ex Nebula
Label: Violent Cases
Format: 12", RED
Country: DE
Category: TEKNO / TRIBE
Style: Mental Tribe, Freetekno
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A - Chaos Theory

B - Verdure & Ciklo - Pagan Blade