Mackitek slow down the numbers of realease. And that's a good idea : quality rise up ! A kicking good efficient sound leading the sound of Hardtek Tribe just to its essencial. The best Keja since a long time. Brutal reprise after spacy breaks raping the easy tricks dancefloor's habbit. Tribecore for real with «Suivez Le Guide ... Mental tribecore : « c'est du bon  ! » ... Oups sorry... should i just say « supayr Hardtek from france !!!!! !!!! !!)

Mackitek Records 14

2 PI R, Keja, Sparks

Name: Mes Troubles Mental
Label: Mackitek Records
Format: 12"
Country: FR
Category: TRIBE
Style: Mental Tribecore
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Mackitek Records 14 A1 : track 1

Mackitek Records 14 A2 : suivez le guide

Mackitek Records 14 B1 : 2 pi r

Mackitek Records 14 B2 : mes troubles mentall