Hadtek tribe Hardfloor jewel from Tcheky ! Long time no see !! A side brings 2 electro Hardfloor tunes, 170 BPM cruisers. Rabve style, full of electro overdrives and sounds abuse... with Acidcore intrusions... B side opens with the Dave LXR song...184 BPM kicker, pityless and quiet crossbreed at some point on its structure... Hardcore actually ? Last track is a Hardfloor 180 BPM electrocution. Kicker raver !

Demontage 04

Alifer, Dave LXR, Mindtrax

Name: We Said Tekno
Label: Metanoise
Format: 12"
Country: FR
Category: Ceska produkce, LXRecords produkce, TRIBE
Style: Tribe, Tribecore, Hardfloor
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A1 - Mindtrax vs Alifer - I said Tekno!

A2 - Mindtrax - I am the Beat Conductor

B1 - Dave.LXR - TekTanker

B2 - Alifer vs Mindtrax - Feel The Acid