Superb mental acid Nederland sound... Pure. Melting point opf Mentalcore oldschool and Acid & Mental newskool.Last tune needs a special sweet comment for its science of silence turning in a sudden Core sound !MUST Have !

Koncept Kore 04

Bat'Art, Dexco, eMeL, Mono-Anime, Sam-C

Name: State Of Normality
Label: Koncept Kore
Format: 12"
Country: NL
Category: TRIBE
Style: Mentalcore, Mental Acid, Hardfloor
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A1 - State Of Normality - Sam C

A2 - Duketown Shuffle - Dexco

B1 - Onsim - Mono-Anime

B2 - Motion Liquide - Emel & Bat'Art