Wicked compination value pack for any Raggatek Deejay ! One tune in comon, on these 2 records... but 2 different cut... learn various skills of mastering ^^ That was an accident of course and explains why this value pack exist. If yo uwant both then you dont pay twice the 4rth tune. May we all leave in peace !

Pack Ragga-Tek

Ben 9MM, D.S.C, Figcake, Jim Bitch, Jungletek Mafia, M.T.C, Mandidextrous, Matt Scratch, Mooreman, T-Menace, Tribaan

Name: Amen4Tekno 10 + Irritant Sounds 04
Label: Amen4Tekno
Format: 3X12"
Country: FR
Style: Ragga Tek, Ragga Jungle
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A1 -

A2 -

B1 -

B2 -

A1 - D.S.C - This Is England

A2 - Figcake - Gypsy Fyah

B1 - Jim Bitch - Sneak Attack

B2 - Ben 9MM - Twerktek

C1 - M.T.C - Corrupt Cops

C2 - Tribaan - Alive

D1 - Mandidextrous And Matt Scratch - Cables

D2 - Cun7 - The Game