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Second { as indicated by its album’s title name, ah ah } opus from mysterious∼delicious SECRET CHIEFS 3 and the beginnings of its magic in the (re)search for the destructuring of sounds, musics & concepts stamped SC3. This album is a mixture of «surf», «movie∼soundtracks» and «indian music», embellished with electronic effects and various distortions… The esoteric & mystical dimension of the group appears clearly from this moment, assumed, even if always voluntarily blurred, eh eh !→ Second grand «special DELUXE» vinyl version, under WEB OF MIMICRY license, the label of Trey Spruance ; This recording was originally released on CD in 1998 through the label AMARILLO…

Angrr 16 RP

Secret Chiefs 3

Formát: 2XLP
Název: Second Grand Constitution And Bylaws: Hurqalya
Label: ! a N G R r !
Země: FR
Styl: Folk, Oriental, Xp, Jazz
Váha: 0.60 kg

996 Kč

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