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Good vibes Electro Oriental low-fi high graded sound ! Intergalactic hits ! Now you can finally put smooth on your (blue∼tooth) turntable : the great Double LP featuring all tracks from debut «Yuri Gagarin» & third «Al∼Khawarizmi» albums from this cosmos duo Guess Wwhat the six remaining beats in orbit { not selected in my «Various Artists. 2» } from their second opus «Mondo Giallo» an unreleased track, wack ! And the whole artworks always sublimely orchestrated by the spacio∼timeless visuals of FÉLIX, just my fix !Beauty & groovy voyage, wise…

Angrr 36

Guess What

Formát: 2XLP
Název: Chrestomathy
Label: ! a N G R r !
Země: FR
Styl: Psyche, Oriental, Electro
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A1 - Intro : Baghdad in 780

A2 - Lord Jupiter

A3 - Kedr

A4 - Zero is the Magic Number

A5 - The House of Wisdom

A6 - Mise a Feu

A7 - No Gravity

A8 - Hourrah! Yuri

B3 - Al-Jabr

B4 - Sun and Moon

B5 - Danubio

B4 - Parachute

B5 - Titoli di Testa

A6 - Fiumi di Sangue

A7 - Sulle Tracce del Killer

A8 - Nadia

B9 - Intermezzo al Organo