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Dies Lexic is a duo by Inês Tartaruga Água and Xavier Paes. Part of Favela Discos collective and label, they explore the channelling potentialities of sound, wandering between spectrums, ethereal soundscapes and zones of sonic subduction through means of DIY electro-acoustic instruments, amplified objects, electronics and composition processes based on repetition, language, chaosmosis and error.Lexicon Hall, the long overdue debut album by the Portuguese duo of intrepid sound explorers, is a sort of digital ayahuasca, an intense psychedelic journey guided by drums and harshly bowed strings, channelling voices from other planes and fusing them with Dies Lexic’s very own distinctive voice. If you close your eyes hard enough you can probably see Tony Conrad waving hello in the middle of a dark jungle that is inhabited by tribes of our ancestors.

Favela Discos 64

Dies Lexic

Formát: 12" LP
Název: Lexicon Hall
Label: Favela Discos
Země: UK
Styl: Experimental, Electronic, Electroacoustic
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