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Presenting the third volume of Keroxen's annual series of Radar compilations, joining the musical dots between restless and free-spirited artists working across the Canary archipelago.With volume 1 loosely based around the indie and shoegazing art rock sounds made in the Islands, and a second volume exploring the experimental electronic music of Tenerife, we now welcome Volume 3, with a special showcase of Canary artists working from the diaspora.Meet the hallucinatory acid folk from Tarragona based artist Transistor Eye, Amsterdam’s trio Halli Crigi raw, jazz/noise guitar improvisation, the glitchy and abstract piano minimalism by Sweden based Hara Alonso and the custom made midi based electronic orchestral compositions by Berlin based visual artist Arístides García aka Anisotrópico. Each artist delivers approximately 10 minutes of unique music which mixed together creates a weird and surprisingly fluid psychedelic journey, wrapped up as it’s always the case with these series

Keroxen 29

Anisotrópico, Halli Crigi, Hara Alonso, Transitor Eye

Formát: 12" LP
Název: Radar Keroxen Vol. 3
Label: Discrepant
Země: UK
Styl: Outernational, Compilation, Electronic, Folk, Impr
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A1 - Anisotrópico - Codependencia

A2 - Anisotrópico - Hierbas Arrumáticas

A3 - Anisotrópico - Rumbo

A4 - Halli Crigi - Brink

A5 - Halli Crigi - Jerry Cat

B1 - Transistor Eye - Agapé

B2 - Hara Alonso - Un Segundo de Clarividencia

B3 - Hara Alonso - Polycall