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Amongst the doom, gloom, uncertainty and general anxiety of the last years, it’s been inspiring, and indeed hope-giving to see collaborators Yao Bobby, based in Togo, and Simon Grab, out of Switzerland, stick through hard times and keep pushing on to record this album, despite living around 4500 kilometres apart. A tough challenge during a time of border closures, lockdowns and screen mediated interactions.During the process of writing and recording the album, they had to navigate a corrupt Togolese government, unfair visa restrictions for outsider access to the fortress of Europe, tour cancellations, lockdowns, parenthood, and all that comes with juggling life and creative energy. If you asked us, we’d say that these challenges are enough proof of a need for this record to exist.For us, music is about manifesting a kind of spirit of our time, and this album does it. It somehow captures the insanity of the last years, and spits it back with a powerful sense of rebellion. In a w

Lavalava 08

Simon Grab, Yao Bobby

Formát: 2X12" LP
Název: Wum LP
Label: LavaLava
Země: UK
Styl: Future Beats, Noise, Experimental
Váha: 0.48 kg

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A1 - Wakkassa

A2 - Lekeo

A3 - Fagnan

A4 - Wum

A5 - El Dorado

B1 - Keep It

B2 - Game

B3 - Siguegue

B4 - Fiafi

B5 - Porto Securo

B6 - Nusin

C1 - Every Day

C2 - Oleyia

C3 - Avisi

C4 - Nunya

C5 - Mozonz

D1 - Tchaka Tchaka

D2 - Ahome

D3 - Liberez l'Afrik

D4 - Pipi