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2x12" Gatefold Insert Limited & Numbered to 100 copies.Definitely a Deluxe record. But also definitely a record for passion. Or even devotion I would say.Extremely punk breakz, abstract crazyness, un-continuously experimental and complex. A pure Digging thing... to be put aside with No-Tek 19 from La Peste...SUPERB !

Acre Recordings 01

C Mantle

Formát: 2X12" GATEFOLD LTD
Název: Anatomically Correct
Label: Acre Recordings
Země: UK
Kategorie: BREAKCORE
Styl: Breakcore, Abstract Breakz, XP Drum
Váha: 0.60 kg

1 093 Kč

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A1 - Anato-ically Corr-ct

A2 - Aaa-tmicayl Correct

A3 - -natoimc-yl Corre-t

B1 - a_-m.c""_y __-rec.

B2 - A_-mico.l-y _o=er_t

C1 - _=re-t

C2 - -i.--._y _=re_t

D1 - -_--..io__. /_r../

D2 - \. ______ .. /