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Back in Y2K ! Limited edition 300 pcs, heavy weight 180 g vinyl!

Side A fits a minimal Drum & Bass dynamo.... This 5 frequencies track is defenitly dancefloor. Prepare your bobsleigh ! Minimal killer inna Bad Company style!! THE FLIP is even better : a jungle bassline, "not too mutch amen" breaks that could be the Human Traffic OST. Humble in the pure "Sirius Connection" (NTW-23-15) style. MUST HAVE !

Cinematic 02 LTD *

Drymansound, Magenta

Formát: 12"
Název: Ultra Jazz / Reunion
Label: Cinematic
Země: CZ
Kategorie: Ceska produkce, DRUM & BASS, RAGGA JUNGLE
Styl: Drum & Bass, Jungle
Váha: 0.24 kg

299 Kč

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Side A - Drymansound - Ultra Jazz

Side B - Dryman, Magenta - Reunion