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The first single from the Mathlovsky album Yassssin, “​ The Heat”​ i​ s EXACTLY what is said on the label: PURE FIRE! Featuring the talents of album collaborator and live drummer Gregory Simons, and vocalist duo Jason and Rhonda, this single is the maximum hype pressure coming off the LP. Label boss and global octopus extraordinaire Submerged does the B Side honors with a tasty drum n bass tempo acceleration version. It’s important to rewind and understand how we got here in the first place…Belgian electronic music giant Mathlovsky has continued his constant evolution, with new live performance with a live drummer. Celebrating and promoting this new partnership, the album Yassssin​ (​4 S’s if you want to make it easy on yourself)​ ​is being released on double vinyl by Ohm Resistance this Spring. With 3 video singles, we decided to make a special one-off, limited Fire Red 7” to go along with the first single.Since 2019, Mathlovsky has invited drummer Gregory Simons to perform at

29K Ohm


Formát: 7"
Název: The Heat
Label: Ohm Resistance
Země: DE
Styl: Big Beat, Drum
Váha: 0.24 kg

385 Kč

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A - The Heat

B - Mathlovsky-The Heat-SUBMERGED VIP