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"SAMURAI'S boss only released his debut EP 'RATS' in 2021 (after a quarter-century in the game), but his brutalist productions are already essential. Landing somewhere between Dylan and death metal, iron-clad breaks clash against the digital roar of techstep bass across opener 'Raven', title track 'Sacrifice', and the searing 'Temple'. The dubby halftime ritualism that's become Samurai's calling card is never far away though, and the sinuous 'Anaconda' made with label regular Sam KDC is a prime example, providing a less hectic yet equally intense ride." DJ Mag

Samurai Music DE 34

Presha, Sam KDC

Formát: 12" RED & BLACK SPLA
Název: Sacrifice
Label: Samurai Music
Země: DE
Kategorie: DRUM & BASS
Styl: Drum And Bass
Váha: 0.24 kg

480 Kč

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A1 - Raven

A2 - Anaconda - ft Sam KDC

AA1 - Temple

AA2 - Sacrifice