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24 tracks ! 2XCD at a nice price of Techno, Drum & Bass and Hardcore tunes. Most are coming from new artists, and all are from

Joprec Cd

Ambitech, Bless, Camera 237, Carlo Mameli, Deepalso, DJ KOS, Dj reverse, Federales, FKY, Laura, Mulligan St. Elicheinfuzione, Schiele, Sewaside Collective United, SKW, Sorijev, Tabache, The Catastrophe, The Nosebleed Connection, The Perfect Guardaroba, Ze

Formát: 2XCD
Název: Musica D'alta Quota
Label: Joprec
Země: IT
Kategorie: DRUM & BASS
Styl: Drum & Bass
Váha: 0.18 kg

392 Kč

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