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“It’s just too easy to make a standard dance track,” Aphex Twin said of his mindset back in 1992. “You’ve got to put a bit of thought into it to get something a bit different.”‘Didgeridoo’ was released on the Belgian R&S Records label in 1992, and originally peaked at #55 in the UK singles chart in May of that year. Over the last 32 years the track has become one of the essential Aphex Twin tracks in a gargantuan catalogue that continues to amaze and inspire.

RandS 9201 X

Aphex Twin

Formát: 2X12" LP
Název: Didgeridoo (Expanded Edition)
Label: R&S
Země: BE
Styl: Electronica, IDM, Techno
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A1 Didgeridoo

A2 Flap Head

B1 Phloam

B2 Isoprophlex

C1 Didgeridoo (Cr7e Version)

C2 Didgeridoo (Live In Cornwall)

D1 Isoprophlex (Slow)

2 Phloam (Cr7e Version)